Blog Redesign

If you're reading this via LiveJournal or RSS feed, please pop on over to the blog proper to check out the new layout. I'm interested in hearing feedback, either positive or negative, and would appreciate any bug reports.

Also, please update your bookmarks: the URL for my blog is now The RSS feed for the new blog is

Now that I've got the redesign done and got caught up on some other things, I hope to start updating the blog regularly again.

Pirate Trailer! Pre-Order Pirates! Pirate Art!

Avast! There's not been much activity at ye olde blog lately, but I've got to run up the old Jolly Roger in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day.

To celebrate, the folks at Shimmer have released a trailer for the Pirate issue, have made the Pirate issue available for pre-order, and have made available one of the stories entirely FREE, which is just how pirates like stuff.

In other news, the reason the issue is now available for pre-order is that there were some slight delays, which have caused the publication date to be pushed back to Nov. 1, all set to debut at the World Fantasy Convention.

Oh, and check out some of the bloodthirsty pirate art by that rowdy seadog James Owen. (Plus even more art along with the free story!)